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Loki series: Marvel inspired by Norse mythology

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Marvel Loki

The god Loki is seen prominently in todays pop culture. The “Loki” series, produced by Marvel Studios, is a dive into the life of the God of Mischief following the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” This Disney+ series explores the complexity and charm of Loki and brings a unique twist to the Marvel universe.

Loki’s journey from Mythology to Marvel

Loki from Norse mythology, has been correctly portrayed in the Marvel world as Thor’s brother. Loki who is played by Tom Hiddleston, is the central character in this Avengers series. In the series, many details are truthfully recreated, but there are also obvious differences. For example, one difference is Loki’s symbol, which in Norse Mythology is two snakes forming an S, Marvel uses an illustration of Loki’s iconic helmet. Interested in learning more about the symbol of Loki? Read more here.

Loki’s children in Marvel

In the TV series, not much is shown about the children of Loki. In Norse mythology, Loki has several kids including the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungandr. At least in season 1, Loki’s are not included in the show. But if you really want to see how Marvel depicts the children of Loki, you should definitely watch “Thor: Ragnarok”. In this Marvel movie you can see Loki’s daughter Hel and his son Fenrir. Do you want to read more about the Loki’s children in Norse Mythology? Read this blog article here.

A big difference between Marvel’s Loki series and Loki from Norse Mythology

In the Marvel series, we see Loki’s development from a villain to a more nuanced character. His interactions with other characters, including Thor, give depth to his personality. This is something we see in the Norse stories in a different form. In the original mythos, Loki is often presented as a trickster figure and a source of mayhem without the same degree of depth and character development we see in the MCU.

Conclusion of Loki series

In conclusion, the character of Loki has become an iconic figure in today’s pop culture. This Loki series offers viewers a fascinating dive into the life of the God of Mischief. However not always true to Mythology, it is very interesting to see how Marvel creates and visualizes their own and unique Loki.

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