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Loki’s rune: runes associated with Loki

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Loki is known as a character of cunning and chaos in the vast and complex world of Norse mythology. It is therefore quite appropriate that there are several runes associated with this god. This blog explores the meaning and symbolism of the “Loki Rune.” We will first examine the context of the Old Futhark runes from which this particular symbol is derived in order to understand it.

The Elder Futhark Runes

The Elder Futhark was the first alphabet used by the Norsemen. Besides serving as a method of writing, for the people of that time the rune writing had a deep spiritual and magical importance. Each rune meant a thought or idea in addition to a sound. Some of these runes can be linked to the God Loki. If you are interested, you can read more about the Elder Futhark Runes here.

What are the Loki runes?

Although there are many runes in the Elder Futhark representing numerous gods and ideas, there is no one specific “Loki rune.” However, there are several runes and rune meanings associated with the character of Loki:

Kenaz (ᚲ): The torch rune

The rune Kenaz, linked with Loki in Norse tales, carries a deep meaning that matches the tricky nature of the god. It’s like a symbol for light, wisdom, and the fire of creativity we all have. Think of it as a metaphor for fire—it can make things and break things. This fits well with Loki, who loves chaos and change.

In the world of runes, Kenaz is like a guide. It points to wisdom and creativity. When you think of Kenaz’s flame, imagine it lighting up not just ideas but also the power to shape things around us. Loki, the troublemaker and innovator, sees himself in the changeable nature of this rune. Kenaz’s dance of making and breaking stuff mirrors the wild tales of Norse mythology, where chaos and change are always mixing up with the big forces that shape everything.

Kenaz (ᚲ): The Torch Rune
Loki's rune: kenaz

Dagaz (ᛞ): The day rune

Dagaz isn’t just about fresh starts—it’s the rune of new beginnings, breakthroughs, and waking up to things you didn’t see coming. It’s not directly Loki’s rune, but it’s like his style of making unexpected stuff happen. Think of it as the excitement of a new day, where surprises unfold along with the warmth of the sun. In Loki’s world, Dagaz is a symbol of those unforeseen effects that follow his mischief.

In Norse tales, Dagaz becomes this herald of change, stirring up the unexpected. It’s not Loki’s direct symbol, but it fits right into his narrative. Dagaz embodies the essence of unpredictability, revealing hidden truths just like Loki’s unpredictable influence in the symphony of Norse mythology. It’s a reminder that, like a new day, Loki’s tricks bring both light and unforeseen shadows.

Dagaz (ᛞ): The Day Rune
Dagaz: Loki rune

Eihwaz (ᛇ): The yew tree rune

Eihwaz is all about the Yew tree—a symbol known for sticking around for a long time and having ties to both death and rebirth. It’s like Loki’s role in Ragnarök, the grand finale of the Norse universe, lines up with the idea of transformation and starting anew that this rune represents.

So, when we talk about Eihwaz, it’s like delving into the world of trees that have seen a lot and come back to life. Loki’s connection to Ragnarök finds its match in the themes of metamorphosis and renewal that Eihwaz brings to the table in the vast narrative of Norse mythology.

Eihwaz (ᛇ): The Yew Tree Rune
Eihwaz: loki rune

Loki in Norse runes

“Loki” in Elder Futhark runes would be written as ᛚᛟᚲᛁ. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Elder Futhark is a reconstructed alphabet, and the original names and meanings of some runes remain uncertain. That is why, the spelling of “Loki” in runes is based on educated guesses derived from historical and linguistic research.

Loki written in Runes
Loki written in Runes

Loki rune symbol

In addition to the runes that are connected to him, there are also symbols that are associated with Loki. The main symbol that is associated with Loki is the snake. This snake is often depicted as two snakes circling each other and forming an “s”. You can read more about Loki’s symbol in our other post.

Loki with runes

Conclusion of Loki’s rune

Loki remains a mysterious and intriguing character in the complex tapestry of Norse mythology. Despite the lack of a specific “Loki Rune” in the Elder Futhark, several runes nonetheless have associations with Loki. Our ability to explore the depths of Loki’s character and the havoc he both represents and unleashes in ancient stories from the North is made possible by modern symbols that capture the essence of the character.

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